From A Parent

18 May

Our daughter is in residence at a facility for young people with concurrent diagnoses and other serious emotional disorders. She has had a long and difficult life in her short 16 years, and seldom has had the opportunity to enjoy typical teenage activities. Her involvement in the Doc Wayne Program has allowed her to participate in an endeavor which has traditionally been beyond her. The Doc Wayne Program of Do the Good provides an environment for fragile children to be part of a team, be immediately supported in moments of stress with on-hand (and on court) clinical staff, survive in a large group setting, develop athletic skills and grow in a sense of their own worth. Our child has experienced all this and is proud of this new success in her life. We often comment as we watch her play that this is a miracle to see our daughter playing basketball on a team, with other teams and their accompanying noise in the gym, supporting her teammates and sharing in the warm-up and post-game activites. We remain permanently grateful to the Doc Wayne Program for this gift to our daughter.

Peter & Lynn R. – Doc Wayne parents


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