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Boston Celtic RJ Hunter Inspires Doc Wayne Youth

16 May

This past March, a group of middle and high school students from Doc Wayne were invited to participate in a fun-filled afternoon at Sky Zone-Danvers hosted by Boston Celtics guard, RJ Hunter. Hunter was selected with the 28th overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft by the Boston Celtics and has been playing with the team since July when he signed his contract. On March 8th, the Doc Wayne youth arrived at Sky Zone where RJ Hunter and the Celtics staff arranged a special evening designed just for them.

The evening consisted of students participating in structured and unstructured games on the trampolines. After that, the Doc Wayne youth then had a chance to talk with and learn froBAB_4773.JPGm RJ over a pizza party. Rebekah Roulier, Doc Wayne’s Associate Director, reflected on the evening by expressing, “The evening was full of the joy and happiness of just being a kid and many youth were encouraged and inspired by conversations with RJ. For our Doc Wayne youth, these moments are invaluable.”

Our Clinical Director, Jonathan Baum also reflected on the event by stating, “It was a once in a lifetime experience for a group of kids that would likely never get this type of opportunity. Not only was it a fun event, but RJ Hunter is clearly a good person. He was great with the kids and was genuinely interested in them. He was not doing this for the publicity, but out of kindness. RJ is a great role model and doing this for the kids will definitely have a lasting impact.”

One of Doc Wayne’s Executive Director’s favorite moments from the event was an impact RJ had on a specific individual. David Cohen described this individual as “aBAB_4823 young boy who struggles daily and initially, at Sky Zone, was not participating…..until he had a chance to speak with RJ.  The young boy expressed how RJ made him realize how great being an athlete really was and to always be humble. Even though he was originally hesitant towards participating, after speaking with RJ, his feelings immediately changed and he felt that his time with RJ changed his life.”

The Doc Wayne team cannot express enough, how grateful we are for everything RJ and the Boston Celtics staff did for our youth. It was an incredible evening and something our youth will not forget. Doc Wayne’s staff and youth had an amazing time throughout the day and truly appreciate all that the Celtics have done. Doc Wayne will always be a supporter of RJ and the rest of the Boston Celtics!

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Doc Wayne Youth Attend Junior Celtics Clinic

27 Jan

Saturday was an exciting day for many Doc Wayne Chalk Talk participants! Thirteen youth from the Tierney Learning Center at The Homes at Old Colony in South Boston had an opportunity to improve their basketball and leadership skills by participating in the Junior Celtics Program—a community outreach initiative presented by New England Baptist Hospital in partnership with the Boston Celtics. Rookie guard Phil Pressey led a skills training session and shared powerful words about hard work, positivity, and motivation. Even Lucky, the Celtics mascot, lent a helping hand by encouraging Doc Wayne’s youth to “Play to the Whistle” (a Doc Wayne curriculum skill) throughout practice. We’re looking forward to tracking the athletic and leadership development of Chalk Talk members participating in the Junior Celtics program over the next four weeks!

Check out photos from the event below!

Lucky with Doc Wayne youth and coaches

Lucky with Doc Wayne youth and coaches

Lucky and Doc Wayne youth

Lucky and Doc Wayne youth

Doc Wayne Executive Director David Cohen and TLC Coach Jose Sotz

Doc Wayne Executive Director David Cohen and TLC Coach Jose Sotz

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do the good Basketball Training Photos

4 Dec





“Circle Up”


Active Training


Kristen Rasmuseen, former WNBA and Doc Wayne Board Member




Veteran Coaches Basketball 2012-2013


Boston Celtics Donate Gear to Doc Wayne Boys Program

9 Aug

After completing Doc Wayne’s Week #4 Summer Olympics Session,  players filled each other’s tanks with praise and received recognition in the closing “Circle Up.” Thanks to the Boston Celtics CommUNITY team (http://www.nba.com/celtics/community_community-index.html) each player then received either an “NBA Cares” or an “NBA Fit to Win” T-Shirt for their effort “Playing to the Whistle” on and off the field this past week.

Doc Wayne‘s mission is to offer youth an innovative group therapy experience delivered through the medium of team sports stressing positive youth development.

Participants include youth who are:

  • Victims of abuse and/or neglect
  • Underserved
  • Sexually exploited
  • Impoverished
  • Truant
  • Differently-abled
  • Mentally ill


8 Jun

The Doc Wayne Athletic League and African Basketball Organization Begin Collaboration To Provide A Positive Path For Youth In Nigeria


BOSTON, MA, June 8, 2012:  The Doc Wayne Athletic League (Doc Wayne) and African Basketball (ABO) announced today that they will begin their partnership this summer to integrate Doc Wayne’s do the good sports-based therapeutic curriculum into ABO’s work with youth in Nigeria.  The do the good curriculum, which connects with youth on a sport level as well as teaches pro-social behaviors and life skills, will complement ABO’s existing initiatives to work with underprivileged youth in Nigeria.

Doc Wayne Executive Director David Cohen said, “This is an exciting opportunity for us as we have positively connected with youth here in the U.S.  Why not do the same with youth beyond our borders?  This is a natural partnership as our missions align well for the common good of connecting with youth through sport.”

African Basketball (ABO) President and Founder Eyo Effiong said, “After observing how David Cohen and his team at Doc Wayne utilizes the do the good skills based program in the development of the social skills of at-risk youth here in the U.S., I realized that the youth at our summer leadership programs in Nigeria, and other African communities would benefit immensely if we introduced these life-skills tools.  We are very excited about this unique opportunity to partner with Doc Wayne.”

National coaches and mentors that the youth can look to for support are key and Doc Wayne has already begun the process of training coaches on the curriculum.  Initially the programs will look to work with 90 Nigerian boys and girls in Lagos to measure academics, violence reduction and pro-social behaviors.

For updates on this and other initiatives at Doc Wayne and the ABO, follow us on Twitter at:  @DocWayneDtG and @AfricanBBall.

About Doc Wayne (www.docwayne.org)

Doc Wayne is a Boston, MA (USA) based 501(c)(3) non-profit with the mission of offering youth an innovative group therapy experience delivered through the medium of team sports stressing positive youth development.  Through Doc Wayne’s sports-based therapeutic curriculum, do the good (DtG), youth learn to perceive the world as less threatening and their ability to interact with their environment becomes more empowered and they gain greater self-esteem.

About African Basketball (www.africanbasketball.org)

African Basketball (ABO) is a 501(c)(3) US based non-profit organization dedicated to the development of Africa through sports. ABO organizes co-ed basketball programs, integrated with life skills, HIV/AIDS Awareness, and leadership education for participants, coaches, and administrators.


David Cohen                                                            Eyo Effiong

Doc Wayne, Executive Director                                  ABO, Executive Director

dcohen@docwayne.org                                             effionge@africanbasketball.org

617-458-0315                                                           864-569-6024


From A Volunteer

27 May

New to the Doc Wayne Program during this recent basketball season, I am overwhelmed by what I’ve been a part of. My participation as a volunteer coach, referee, participant evaluator, and learning the curriculum has been, as an understatement, tremendously rewarding. To see the Doc Wayne Program in action using sports as a therapeutic tool is to see transformation happen. The participants in Doc Wayne come from an unimaginable different number of backgrounds. Through the thoughtfully designed goals which build throughout a sport season, the philosophy of the program remains constant: to build these kids up. As an outsider from the programs Doc Wayne services, it can be difficult to describe just what happens from week to week. But I know the successes when I see them shine through the eyes, smiles and sense of self the girls radiate during each session. Watching a timid girl in week one whose body language is screaming “get me out of here!!” evolve into a confident presence is more than heartwarming. Many times I’ve heard, “I can’t do that,” or “I don’t want to try” because they lack even a shred of belief in themselves. Or the girl who asks her coach to go into a game after a month of sitting on the bench, too scared to participate—and she scores her first basket. The sense of pride washing over her is unmistakable. Then, there is the effect of the program on the complete opposite type of child. The one who has developed a tough exterior and attitude to cope with her surroundings and what she has lived through. Putting in action positive reinforcement by coaches and staff taking the time to explain alternative ways to react within the moment, the defiance that once consumed the child begins to slowly soften into a respectful, communicative, thoughtful individual. Imagine the person whose first reaction to conflict resolution might have been to get into a physical fight. When you see that same girl put to use the skills Doc Wayne teaches through its goals, you can actually see her stopping herself, taking that extra breath and thinking before reacting. And when she is involved in a difficult battle for the ball and an opposing player ends up on the floor, to see her reach out her hand to help the other girl up—that is success in action. Growth is not only happening individually, but as a team. As they work together, the Doc Wayne program teaches them life skills through teamwork and active situations—as they are happening—as opposed to simply discussing hypotheticals and what to do when presented with a difficult situation. Doc Wayne provides all of this through unique therapeutic learning opportunities using sports. They have managed to turn what was once an obstacle that faced these girls into a gateway through that roadblock for them to succeed. Truly impressive.

Maren M.-Doc Wayne Volunteer

From A Parent

18 May

Our daughter is in residence at a facility for young people with concurrent diagnoses and other serious emotional disorders. She has had a long and difficult life in her short 16 years, and seldom has had the opportunity to enjoy typical teenage activities. Her involvement in the Doc Wayne Program has allowed her to participate in an endeavor which has traditionally been beyond her. The Doc Wayne Program of Do the Good provides an environment for fragile children to be part of a team, be immediately supported in moments of stress with on-hand (and on court) clinical staff, survive in a large group setting, develop athletic skills and grow in a sense of their own worth. Our child has experienced all this and is proud of this new success in her life. We often comment as we watch her play that this is a miracle to see our daughter playing basketball on a team, with other teams and their accompanying noise in the gym, supporting her teammates and sharing in the warm-up and post-game activites. We remain permanently grateful to the Doc Wayne Program for this gift to our daughter.

Peter & Lynn R. – Doc Wayne parents