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My Experience of the Power of Kids: Bella Vidaña

22 Apr

In February, I began as a Non-Profit Management Intern for Doc Wayne and was more than pleased to know I would be learning about the behind-the-scenes operations that go on into a non-profit organization, considering it is my dream to one day create my own non-profit organization. I also appreciated Doc Wayne’s impactful work providing sport-based group therapy to at-risk youth and valued the fact that I could contribute to the positive influence Doc Wayne was having on the children and families in our Boston community. Well, at least I thought I knew and appreciated the impact of the organization. ©AD.7679.0141

A few weeks into my internship, my supervisor Rebekah Roulier, asked if I would be interested in helping facilitate their newest Global Life Empowerment (GLE) endeavor, a program in partnership with UNICEF Kid Power, a four-week program where the philosophy and mission is to “Get Active. Save Lives.” Through being active, learning about global issues, and earning Kid Power Points, the youth at Doc Wayne would unlock therapeutic food packets for severely malnourished African children. I was instantly attracted to the concept of Kid Power, especially since I realized the work we would be doing here at Doc Wayne with our kids through this program would be helping kids globally, specifically in Africa. So, I said yes.

It was not until my first GLE session at the Tierney Learning Center in South Boston that I actually understood and saw the powerful impact Doc Wayne had upon their youth participants. Like I said before, I thought I knew. But until I put myself in front of those kids, interacted with them, and learned to appreciate them and all they had to offer the world, and me, I finally “really” knew.


Doc Wayne Associate Director Rebekah Roulier with Kid Power Participant

In the hours that led up to my first GLE session, my nervousness stemmed from the worry that the kids would not connect with me. Considering I have worked with a number of populations in past experiences, including kids, I am not sure why I was feeling this worry. I think it was because I wanted to be the best leader I could be for them. I wanted to be someone they could trust, rely on, and feel comfortable being around. I wanted to be someone they could look up to. That worry went away once I stepped into the building, saw the kids laughing and running around, and realized that this wasn’t about me. It was about them. And then I was okay. I felt content in my ability, and my co-facilitator’s ability (Aymée, a Clinical Game Changer). I was confidant that we would be for them exactly what they needed; adults who believed in them. From that point on, every Thursday for the next four weeks, it worked.


Doc Wayne Clinical Game Changer Aymee Suarez with Kid Power Participant

I have found a specific gratitude towards the GLE program, given that it brought me to the most precious piece of Doc Wayne, the kids. The Global Life Empowerment program “further assists participants in embedding the do the good® curriculum in their lives.” It seeks to empower youth by providing them with service opportunities in order to give back to their community and develop compassion, love and responsibility. Having been involved in many service trips myself, both domestically and internationally; I understand the supremacy of helping and sharing my love with others through service. There is something to be said in the way people, whether young or old, so freely give of themselves solely for the purpose of making others smile. I believe that is the mindset GLE has brought to its youth and I am proud I could both witness and be apart of this “giving” mindset.

Do the good,


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead


Doc Wayne Youth Help Kids Stay Warm This Winter

9 Nov

Doc Wayne (www.docwayne.org) Global Life Empowerment youth recently completed their fall project, helping youth in intensive foster care stay warm and feel cared for this upcoming holidaunnamedy season.

Supported by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s After-School and Out-of-School Time (ASOST-Q) Grant Program, Global Life Empowerment helps Doc Wayne participants stretch to a new level of competence and readiness in skills essential to their educational, clinical, vocational, and social functioning.

This year’s fall project involved making cozy no-sew fleece blankets. To start, youth and their coaches layered two blankets, and then cut squares in each corner. Youth then cut strips on all four sides and then tied the two fleece layers together. These six blankets will be donated to Communities For People’s Intensive Foster Ca
re Program
 (http://www.wefostercare.org/) to be wrapped up as holiday gifts. This program is not only rewarding and beneficial to our Doc Wayne youth, but also to our interns and staff involved.

The Global Life Empowerment team will return to South Boston this week to help youth plant bulbs to beautiful the South Boston community this upcoming spring.


Thank you to our partner the Joseph M. Tierney Learning Center and the Global Life Empowerment team of staff and interns for their amazing work with our youth this fall season.

For more information about Doc Wayne please visit http://www.docwayne.org or follow us @DocWayneDtG.

Mural Complete in South Boston

14 Aug

Youth in South Boston were involved in our Global Life Empowerment (GLE) program and together worked on designing and painting a community mural with the theme “There is Unity in the Community!” The mural is complete and images are below.

Doc Wayne volunteer coaches, Jose and Andrew, show off the work of their team of youth.

Doc Wayne volunteer coaches, Jose and Andrew, show off the work of their team of youth.

docwayne logo 2

The GLE program seeks to:

  • Empower youth by giving them a voice
  • Provide additional out of the classroom writing and alternative self-expression opportunities
    Teach self-regulation and social skills
  • Help youth learn to advocate for themselves, their needs, and desires in appropriate ways.
  • Youth work cooperatively, with team members and their coach, to share their responses to suggested changes, lessons learned, and group leadership activities experienced.

For more information about Doc Wayne and the Global Life Empowerment program please visit www.docwayne.org or contact us at info@docwayne.org.

Youth-Led Holiday Gift Drive a Success

14 Jan

It was a great season of giving for our youth at Doc Wayne. As a part of our Global Life Empowerment (GLE) program (http://www.docwayne.org/what-we-do/GLE), the Pumas from Youth Villages at Germaine Lawrence Campus worked hard to give back to those in need this season. In their first annual Puma Gift Drive, they were able donate a plethora of items ranging from food, clothes, personal hygiene, baby supplies and more to help those at an emergency shelter at HarborCOV, a domestic violence agency in Chelsea. Not only did the Pumas capture the do the good spirit in this project, but they also made a difference in their community during the holiday season.

Take a look at their success! We look forward to more projects this coming year with the YV Pumas and our other GLE players!

For more information on Doc Wayne Youth Services please email info@docwayne.org or visit http://www.docwayne.org.

Global Life Empowerment Project Global Life Empowerment Project

Doc Wayne Youth Serve Local Communities

21 Jun

Doc Wayne Youth and Doc Wayne GM Rebekah Roulier planting tree

Doc Wayne Youth and Doc Wayne GM Rebekah Roulier planting tree

Doc Wayne Youth Teaching Basketball Skills at Assisted Living Residence

Doc Wayne Youth Teaching Basketball Skills at Assisted Living Residence

Recently, two Doc Wayne participating programs completed service projects within their communities. Projects included visiting an Assisted Living Residence in Greater Boston to help residents learn the basics of basketball and a tree planting project in the Worcester area. All projects were selected by the youth involved in Doc Wayne’s Global Life Empowerment (GLE) program.

The Global Life Empowerment (GLE) program, supported by the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, helps Doc Wayne participants stretch to a new level of competence and readiness in skills essential to their educational, clinical, vocational, and social functioning. The GLE component further assists participants in embedding the do the good curriculum in their lives by involving them in active management and shaping of the program.

For more information on Doc Wayne Youth Services please email info@docwayne.org or visit http://www.docwayne.org.

David Cohen – New England Revolution’s Community MVP

13 Aug

David Cohen, Doc Wayne’s Executive Director, was recognized by the New England Revolution last night at Gillette Stadium as their 2012 MLS W.O.R.K.S. Community MVP.

Prior to kickoff, Cohen was presented with the award by New England Revolution President Brian Bilello.

New England Revolution – MLS W.O.R.K.S. Community MVP

David S. Cohen — Doc Wayne Athletic League, Inc.

David S. Cohen, Executive Director of the Doc Wayne Athletic League Inc., is a former college soccer player, with innovative thinking and a desire to serve disadvantaged children. Doc Wayne provides a positive sport experience and life skills curriculum to underserved children, including those who have been traumatized, sexually exploited, truant, gang involved, mentally ill and are differently abled. On a daily basis, David can be seen connecting with youth, teaching sport and life skills and mentoring young coaches. Since joining Doc Wayne, over 200 youth in New England have become involved and over 40 coaches have been trained in youth development techniques and curriculum. David encourages both youth and adults to find their positive path in life through sport. The Doc Wayne Program provides an environment for fragile children to be part of a team, be immediately supported in moments of stress with on-hand (and on court) clinical staff, survive in a large group setting and develop athletic skills David’s desire to enable the community to assist children globally has also been realized through his work as Founder of Playing it Forward, Inc., a non-profit that provides sports equipment to disadvantaged children around the world. Playing it Forward reaches 25,000 children in 9 states and 19 countries.

To learn more about Doc Wayne please visit www.docwayne.org or follow us @DocWayneDtG.

do the good!