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Doc Wayne Profiled by The Provider

10 May

Doc Wayne Youth Services was recently profiled in The Provider (May2013 – Provider eEdition). The Provider newspaper is the flagship publication for the Providers’ Council and is widely considered the voice of the private provider industry in Massachusetts. With a combined hard copy and electronic circulation estimated at over 5,000, it is the most widely read — and respected — publication of its kind in the state.

Doc Wayne Youth Services, Inc. (www.docwayne.org) connects with youth through sports, utilizing our sports-based therapeutic curriculum, do the good® (DtG). Our mission is to offer at-risk youth a dynamic and innovative group therapy experience through sport to encourage positive youth development.

For more information on Doc Wayne please visit http://www.docwayne.org or contact us at info@docwayne.org.



Doc Wayne Publication: Mainstreaming Trauma-Sensitive Sport Interventions

5 Apr

Doc Wayne Youth Services, Inc. (www.docwayne.org) recently published do the good® for all: Mainstreaming Trauma-Sensitive Sport Interventions (bit.ly/14IV06R) on The International Platform on Sport & Development (www.sportanddev.org).

This publication emphasizes the need for increased trauma-sensitive youth programming given the alarmingly regular occurrence of trauma among young people.

At Doc Wayne, we are experienced in working with youth survivors of complex trauma, sexual exploitation, and a host of other difficult life circumstances. In moving forward, we are passionate about bringing best practices accrued through this work to mainstream youth who are facing less dire life circumstances, but who are nonetheless struggling to thrive and flourish at their own pace.

The notion that young people may likely be exposed to trauma during key developmental years and that they can be particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of such traumas should no longer, in and of itself, be seen as a revelation. If you are an educator, coach, helper, or administrator and have not yet been exposed to these daunting facts we are here to help.

The authors, Rebekah Roulier (Doc Wayne’s General Manager) and David De Fazio welcome comments and questions in response to this paper. If Doc Wayne (www.docwayne.org) can aid your work or collaborate to assist youth please contact:

Rebekah Roulier, Ed.M.

General Manager, Doc Wayne Youth Services, Inc. (Formerly Doc Wayne Athletic League, Inc.)


@RLCRoulier / @DocWayneDtG

Doc Wayne Awarded a 2013 Grant by the Lenny Zakim Fund

14 Mar


David Cohen, Doc Wayne Executive Director, Rebekah Roulier, Doc Wayne General Manger, Joe Leavey, Communities for People President

On Monday, February 25th, The Doc Wayne Athletic League (Doc Wayne) was awarded a grant by The Lenny Zakim Fund and was honored together with other grantees at an Awards Ceremony held at the Courtyard Marriott Tremont, in Boston.

  • Doc Wayne was one of over 55 grassroots, community based organizations that received a grant from The Lenny Zakim Fund at the Awards Ceremony. Grantees include many youth serving organizations and organizations working for social justice in diverse ways.
  • The mission of Doc Wayne is to offer at-risk youth an innovative sports-based group therapy experience stressing positive youth development. Doc Wayne’s trauma sensitive therapeutic sports program is designed to achieve four related objectives: (1) promoting youth participants’ personal development, (2) improving their capacity for pro-social relationships, (3) maximizing their capacity for inclusion and participation in therapy and school and (4) becoming an experience that participants can apply to all aspects of their lives on and off the field.
  • Doc Wayne is honored to receive a grant from The Lenny Zakim Fund. “Our ultimate goal is to help young people find their positive path in life utilizing sport as a hook and we are grateful to have earned this support,” said David Cohen, Doc Wayne’s Executive Director.

About Doc Wayne

Doc Wayne is a Boston, MA non-profit that utilizes sport and its do the good sports-based therapeutic curriculum, derived from Dialectical Behavior Therapy and The ARC Framework to connect with at-risk youth who have faced many challenges in their young lives.   Through their program, youth learn to perceive the world as less threatening and their ability to interact with their environment becomes more empowered and they gain greater self-esteem.

About Lenny Zakim and The Lenny Zakim Fund

Lenny Zakim believed that one person can change the world. As the executive director of the New England Region of the Anti-Defamation League, he fought tirelessly to put an end to prejudice, civil rights violations, anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry of all kinds. After Lenny was diagnosed in 1995 with multiple myeloma, he created, with the help of friends and supporters, a philanthropic organization that would transform his vision of social justice into an enduring legacy: The Lenny Zakim Fund.

The mission of The Lenny Zakim Fund is to identify, listen to, support and connect grassroots community organizations and programs operating “below the radar screen” of many large charitable groups and government grants. The Lenny Zakim Fund provides assistance to those who demonstrate the will and potential to make a difference but lack the necessary resources.


Jude Goldman, Executive Director, The Lenny Zakim Fund, jgoldman@thelennyzakimfund.org

617-406-6036 www.thelennyzakimfund.org

David S. Cohen, Executive Director, Doc Wayne Athletic League, dcohen@docwayne.org, 617-801-4601, http://www.docwayne.org

Doc Wayne Launches Global Life Empowerment Program

25 Feb

Brainstorming for Team Media Guide Project

Brainstorming for Team Media Guide Project

Doc Wayne recently launched its Global Life Empowerment (GLE) program with the support of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s After-School and Out-of-School Time (ASOST-Q) Grant Program. The purpose of this state-funded grant program is to enhance after-school and out-of-school time programs and services to improve the academic, physical, social, and emotional wellness of public and non-public school-age youth during the school year and the summer months.

Doc Wayne’s Global Life Empowerment (GLE) program enhancement, made possible through the ASOST-Q grant, helps Doc Wayne participants stretch to a new level of competence and readiness in skills essential to their educational, clinical, vocational, and social functioning. The GLE component will further assist Doc Wayne youth in embedding our do the good curriculum in their lives by involving them in active management and shaping of the program. The GLE seeks to (1) empower youth by giving them a voice, (2) provide additional out of the classroom writing and alternative self-expression opportunities and (3) teach self-regulation, social skills, and help youth learn to advocate for themselves, their needs, and desires in appropriate ways. The participants work cooperatively as a team, guided by their coach, to produce an e-Journal sharing their responses to suggested changes, lessons learned, and group leadership activities experienced.

We are happy to report that the first Forum meeting was a great success with one youth sharing, “this was a great new way to connect with my team off the court” and another adding, “it was good to be apart of something positive with others.”

In addition to feedback from program participants, their coaches and mentors, Doc Wayne has been equipped with the APT-O (Assessment of Afterschool Program Practices Tool-Observation), APT-Q (Assessment of Afterschool Program Practices Tool-Questionnaire), and SAYO (Survey of Afterschool Youth Outcomes) to document the impact of the ASOST-Q grant on our youth served, educational facilities, and communities.

For more information on Doc Wayne’s Global Life Empowerment (GLE) program please contact Rebekah Roulier, Ed.M at rroulier@docwayne.org.


Roulier to Participate in Muhammad Ali Center Athletes and Social Change Forum

18 Feb

Muhammad Ali CenterDoc Wayne’s General Manager Rebekah Roulier, Ed.M. will present A Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment of an Adjunctive Intervention for Youth in Residential Treatment at the Muhammad Ali Center Athletes and Social Change Forum. The Forum will be held at the Muhammad Ali Center (http://alicenter.org) in Louisville, Kentucky on March 29th and 30th. 

The Forum seeks to “advance education, advocacy and research on the role and contribution of athletes toward and within social change, human rights and development. What does it mean for athletes to engage in social change, philanthropy and work within the community? The Forum aims to examine and provide diverse perspectives in the intersection of athletes and social change and represents a partnership between the Muhammad Ali Center, the University of Louisville and Brown University.”

About the Muhammad Ali Center:

The Muhammad Ali Center is a multicultural center with an award-winning museum dedicated to the life of Muhammad Ali. The Center museum captures the inspiration derived from the story of Muhammad Ali’s incredible life and the six core principles that have fueled his journey. 

About Doc Wayne:

Doc Wayne is a Boston, MA non-profit that utilizes sport and its do the good sports-based therapeutic curriculum, derived from Dialectical Behavior Therapy and The ARC Framework to connect with at-risk youth who have faced many challenges in their young lives.  Through their program, youth learn to perceive the world as less threatening and their ability to interact with their environment becomes more empowered and they gain greater self-esteem.

For more information on the Forum visit: http://alicenter.org/calendar/event/200

To contact Doc Wayne (www.docwayne.org) please email info@docwayne.org. 

Doc Wayne Recognized at The European Youth and Sport Forum 2012

7 Dec

Doc Wayne was one of 8 programs recognized for best practices in the “Health” category and working with youth at The European Youth & Sport Forum 2012 organized by the European Commission and The European Youth Foundation.  The theme of this forum was “a bridge between projects and generations” where over 80 young leaders from across Europe gathered in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Vote for Doc Wayne Video in Caring Force Contest

8 Nov

Doc Wayne has entered a video in the Caring Force’s Broadcast Your Love of Human Services Contest!

To vote visit: Voting Page   and scroll to the bottom of the page.

The mission of The Caring Force is to empower those who care about the human services sector to advance a progressive agenda that creates an environment in Massachusetts that protects our most vulnerable neighbors and creates a stronger economy with the pay, recognition, and respect our workers deserve.

For more information about Doc Wayne please visit www.docwayne.org or email info@docwayne.org