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Mentoring through the eyes of Doc Wayne

15 Jan

Post Written By: Deirdre Roberts, Marketing & Communications Intern

The month of January marks National Mentoring Month (NMM) across the country, giving people the opportunity to celebrate mentors and the passionate work that they do. NMM was established in 2002 by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership.

The goals of National Mentoring Month are to raise awareness of mentoring in its various forms, recruit individuals to mentor, especially in programs that have waiting lists of young people, and promote the rapid growth of mentoring by recruiting organizations to engage their constituents in mentoring.

Here at Doc Wayne (http://www.docwayne.org/) our mission is to fuse sport and therapy to heal and strengthen at risk youth. Associate Director, Rebekah Roulier believes that, “in our work at Doc Wayne, we have the incredible opportunity to show a child we believe in them 100% and help them feel they belong to a team, are supported, and can utilize our staff’s guidance to find their positive path in life.” Rebekah has had numer10014731_10152201110303197_6835009214685178852_oous mentors on and off the field that helped her learn skills, but what was most impactful to her life were the mentors that taught her to focus on the broader more important goal of developing her leadership. Here you can see a mentor/mentee relationship of Rebekah’s that positively influenced her career.

Various members of the Doc Wayne team have reflected on the positive effects their mentors have had on their lives and what mentoring means to them.

Executive Director, David Cohen remembers his private school soccer coach who still acts a mentor to him today, “he instilled in me the importance of commitment, respect, confidence and the need to be involved with things I am passionate about.”

Megan Willette, Clinical Manager-Boston reflected on the mentors she had growing up, who gave her validation and guidance when she was at certain crossroads. And now as a mentor today Megan explains that, “I believe in mentoring because it has a profound impact on people in both the micro and macro worlds. Mentoring creates bonds and makes it possible to mold minds. At Doc Wayne we intentionally form this relationship on the micro level with every group…If there is a lot of trust in a relationship it is going to be a healthy one, which is the foundation of mentorship. At Doc Wayne we continue to build up, knowing that every mind matters.”


Why do we believe in the importance of mentoring at Doc Wayne? That can be explained by Clinical Director, Jonathan Baum, “I believe in mentoring because positive relationships and attachments are the key to leading a happy and successful life. One person can make all the difference.”

How to get involved in National Mentoring Month? Visit National Mentoring Month and also join in on International Mentoring Day January 17, and if there is a mentor who positively influenced your life, whether it was a former coach or teacher, be sure to thank them on Thank Your Mentor Day, January 21.

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Team Doc Wayne at Wayside 5k4Kids

27 Oct

Team Doc Wayne at Wayside 5k4Kids

Doc Wayne staff and supporters came together on a chilly Saturday morning at Walsh Middle School in Framingham to participate in Wayside Youth and Family Support Network’s 6th Annual 5k4Kids.

To show our team spirit, each team member sported matching “Do the Good” t-shirts, tie-dyed prior to the event. After a few minutes of stretching and warming up, the team lined up at the starting line and began the race. All in all, each of us jogged, sprinted, or walked over the finish line, ending the race with strong strides meeting our goals with smiles and high-fives along the way. Congratulations to our sister organization, Wayside Youth and Family Support Network for a successful event! Our Doc Wayne team had an incredible morning doing our part to empower children and families to achieve greater independence and emotional well-being. Thank you to all who assisted our team in our efforts on Saturday.

For more information please contact us at info@docwayne.org or follow us @DocWayneDtG.

Doc Wayne Named Providers’ Council “Innovator of the Year”

17 Nov

Doc Wayne Youth Services was honored to accept the “Innovator of the Year” award today from the Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers. The award from the Council acknowledges innovative business models and practices that promote greater value and increase social impact.

The Massachusetts Council of Human Service Providers, Inc. is a statewide association of health and human service agencies. Founded in 1975, the Providers’ Council is the state’s largest human service trade association and is widely recognized as the official voice of the private provider industry.

David Cohen accepted the award on behalf of the organization at the 39th Annual Convention & Expo held at Marriott Copley Hotel (Boston, MA). Please click below to view the award presentation.

For more information on Doc Wayne please visit www.docwayne.org, contact us at info@docwayne.org, or follow us @DocWayneDtG.

Mural Complete in South Boston

14 Aug

Youth in South Boston were involved in our Global Life Empowerment (GLE) program and together worked on designing and painting a community mural with the theme “There is Unity in the Community!” The mural is complete and images are below.

Doc Wayne volunteer coaches, Jose and Andrew, show off the work of their team of youth.

Doc Wayne volunteer coaches, Jose and Andrew, show off the work of their team of youth.

docwayne logo 2

The GLE program seeks to:

  • Empower youth by giving them a voice
  • Provide additional out of the classroom writing and alternative self-expression opportunities
    Teach self-regulation and social skills
  • Help youth learn to advocate for themselves, their needs, and desires in appropriate ways.
  • Youth work cooperatively, with team members and their coach, to share their responses to suggested changes, lessons learned, and group leadership activities experienced.

For more information about Doc Wayne and the Global Life Empowerment program please visit www.docwayne.org or contact us at info@docwayne.org.

Summer in South Boston

4 Aug

Many exciting things are happening at Doc Wayne’s South Boston site, the Joseph M. Tierney Learning Center. In collaboration with the Tierney Learning Center and the Boys and Girls Club of South Boston’s Fun in the Sun camp, youth have continued their progress on their positive paths through Chalk Talk sport-based group therapy this summer.

In celebration of youth success and the one-year anniversary of our partnership, the Tierney Learning Center hosted Doc Wayne Family Night. Families interacted with Doc Wayne coaches while enjoying refreshments, an equipment raffle, and team slide show.


Doc Wayne and Tierney Learning Center staff on Family Night

Doc Wayne and Tierney Learning Center staff on Family Night

Youth involved in Global Life Empowerment (GLE) have been hard at work designing and painting a community mural with the theme “There is Unity in the Community!”

Youth painting GLE mural

Youth painting GLE mural

Work on GLE Mural Begins!

Work on GLE Mural Begins!


For more information on Doc Wayne Youth Services, please contact us at info@docwayne.org and follow us on twitter @DocWayneDtG.


Power of Love and Forgiveness Reaches Doc Wayne Youth

19 Jun

Within Doc Wayne’s Chalk Talk Group Therapy Program, and supported by the Fetzer Institute, pilot sessions utilizing the newly launched Teaching Love and Forgiveness Through Basketball curriculum were recently completed. Doc Wayne’s collaboration with the Fetzer Institute provided youth with a 7-week opportunity to learn about love and forgiveness within the context of basketball. 43 youth were served at a low-income housing development and residential treatment facility. Insights into youth participants’ experiences of, understandings about, and obstacles faced in relation to the themes of love, forgiveness, and trust were gained through the project. 

Please see pictures of Doc Wayne’s Love and Forgiveness Celebration hosted by the Joseph M. Tierney Learning Center. For more information on Doc Wayne Youth Services please visit www.docwayne.org or contact us at info@docwayne.org.




The Fetzer Institute’s mission is to foster awareness of the power of love and forgiveness in the emerging global community. People across the globe, from all cultures and traditions, embrace love and forgiveness in daily life. These values are universally viewed as central to the fabric of humanity. Yet, the emerging global community has few institutions dedicated to deepening the understanding and fostering deeper awareness of these values. In this context, the Fetzer Institute pursues a unique role—working to investigate, activate, and celebrate the power of love and forgiveness as a practical force for good in today’s world. We are interested in how people truly experience and understand love and forgiveness from their diverse points of view, especially from the perspective of their daily work in the world.


Through Boston ASAP (http://www.bostonasap.org), Doc Wayne provides Chalk Talk as a billable, sport-based group therapy program that creates a clinician-guided environment where sport is the lens through which youth examine important social and emotional issues in real-time. The curriculum teaches the principles of do the good® by both didactic and interactive approaches. In a series of weekly sessions, participants undertake written goal setting and movement-oriented exercises to develop the thoughtfulness, sense of competence, and feeling of effectiveness that are derived from positive sport participation and are essential to social development.

Doc Wayne Youth Attend Junior Celtics Clinic

27 Jan

Saturday was an exciting day for many Doc Wayne Chalk Talk participants! Thirteen youth from the Tierney Learning Center at The Homes at Old Colony in South Boston had an opportunity to improve their basketball and leadership skills by participating in the Junior Celtics Program—a community outreach initiative presented by New England Baptist Hospital in partnership with the Boston Celtics. Rookie guard Phil Pressey led a skills training session and shared powerful words about hard work, positivity, and motivation. Even Lucky, the Celtics mascot, lent a helping hand by encouraging Doc Wayne’s youth to “Play to the Whistle” (a Doc Wayne curriculum skill) throughout practice. We’re looking forward to tracking the athletic and leadership development of Chalk Talk members participating in the Junior Celtics program over the next four weeks!

Check out photos from the event below!

Lucky with Doc Wayne youth and coaches

Lucky with Doc Wayne youth and coaches

Lucky and Doc Wayne youth

Lucky and Doc Wayne youth

Doc Wayne Executive Director David Cohen and TLC Coach Jose Sotz

Doc Wayne Executive Director David Cohen and TLC Coach Jose Sotz

For more information on Doc Wayne Youth Services please email info@docwayne.org or visit http://www.docwayne.org.